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Brick Driveway Installation Jacksonville FL

Paver driveways combine elegance and functionality in one of your home's largest spaces. Axiom Pavers is the company you can trust for your brick driveway installation in Jacksonville, FL.

Brick Pavement vs Concrete Pavement

There are numerous benefits to choosing brick pavers instead of concrete for your new driveway. Below are a few things you may wish to consider before you choose to install a traditional smooth concrete or stamped concrete driveway:

 Concrete Cracks: Unsightly cracks can form in driveways as the ground below  your driveway settles over time. Pavers are much less likely to crack because they follow the contour of the ground below.
 Pavers Can Be Fixed: Paver driveways in Jacksonville, FL, can be repaired if a paver shifts over time. Repairing paver driveways requires leveling and                  repositioning the pavers—a task that is much less expensive and less time consuming than replacing a cracked concrete driveway.
 Brick Is Strong: Brick and paver driveways can withstand more than 8000psi. 
 Fast Set Up: One of the most immediate benefits to paver and brick driveway installation in Jacksonville is that a paver or brick driveway can be driven on as soon as it is installed. Concrete driveways cannot be driven on for several days after installation.

Driveway - Brick Driveway Installation Jacksonville, FL
Are you ready to take your home to the next level with an elegant paver driveway? Jacksonville chooses Axiom Pavers for quality service, award-winning design, and total customer satisfaction. Call Axiom Pavers today to get your free quote on the driveway of your dreams. We are proud to serve Jacksonville, Orange Park, Middleburg, Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, St. Augustine, Neptune Beach, and Atlantic Beach, FL.